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What is Job Arranger for Zabbix?

Job Arranger for Zabbix (JAZ) is free and open source job scheduling software.
It is a third-party tool for Zabbix.

What can I do?

Certainly most kind of infrastructure automation is possible.

  • Schedule your routine tasks to run on right time.
  • Schedule and monitor complex batch processes from one streamlined, intuitive interface.
  • Run time-based, condition-based, event-driven jobs.
  • Automate your systems, applications, databases, servers etc.
  • And much more.


Some of main features:

  • Centralized Management - manage and monitor the jobs, schedules and calendars centrally.
  • High performance, High capacity, High stability - highly reliable.
  • Multiple calendars - you can create multiple calendars such as for whole year, business days, public holidays, etc.
  • Multiple schedules - you can have multiple schedules to run the jobs.
  • Simple version control of jobs - you can create and manage multiple versions for each job.
  • Multi-platforms native agents - native agents(high performance) are available for Linux, Windows, AIX and HP-UX.
  • Agentless(ssh protocol) - you can run jobs without installing native agents.
  • Parallel processing - run the jobs in parallel.
  • Loop processing - loop processing is available.
  • Conditional branch processing - run the jobs based on conditions.
  • File transfer between hosts - easily transfer files between hosts.
  • File waiting - check file existence or wait until it is created.
  • Reboot - easily reboot your server.
  • Notification to Zabbix - notify to Zabbix.
  • Refer/Change the status of item/trigger/host in Zabbix - easily manage items/triggers/hosts in Zabbix, limited.
  • Refer the data of item in Zabbix - get item data from Zabbix.

System Architecture

The following diagram shows the architecture of only Job Arranger for Zabbix.

Architecture no.1 of Job Arranger of Zabbix

Since Job Arranger for Zabbix is a third-party tool for Zabbix, when it is integrated with Zabbix, the architecture will be as following diagram.

Architecture no.2 of Job Arranger of Zabbix

The following diagram shows a more complete real-world deployment architecture.

Architecture no.3 of Job Arranger of Zabbix

Getting Started

Have you already install the Zabbix? If no then follow the steps at Server World to install it.


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