Job Server


Job server is the central process of JAZ software.

The server performs checking calendars and schedules. Based on that information, it start JobNets, execute the whole JobNet by executing each icon according to flow. It receives agent sent data about job execution results. It also process external program requests such as for jobarg_exec.

You can also run an agentless job which is handled directly by Job Server.

It check Zabbix for hosts, user information, etc during a job execution or as necessary.

Server process

Job server runs as a daemon process. The server can be started by executing:


You can use the following command line parameters with Job server :

-c --config <file>   Absolute path to the configuration file
-h --help            Give this help
-V --version         Display version number

Examples of command line parameters:

shell>/usr/sbin/jobarg_server -c etc/jobarranger/jobarg_server.conf
shell>/usr/sbin/jobarg_server -h
shell>/usr/sbin/jobarg_server -V

Process user

Same as Zabbix server, Job server is designed to run as a non-root user. However, if you want to run the process as root user then you have to change config AllowRoot parameter. Rather than running the processes with root user, it is recommended to use a sudo user.

Configuration file

See the configuration file options for details on configuring Job Server.

Start-up scripts

The scripts are used to automatically start/stop Job Server processes during system’s start-up/shutdown. The scripts are located under default directory for each platforms if you have installed from packages.

Supported platforms

  • Redhat 5.x or later

  • CentOS 5.x or later

**JAZ Version 3 and later (only server package) has no longer support for Redhat/CentOS 5.x **


See the Installation section.