End Icon


End Icon


Every jobnet will end with an end icon.

You can have multiple end icons in a jobnet.

However if execution flow reach to an end icon, then jobnet will finish and no other end icon will be executed.


End Setting


You can provide id and name.

  • Jobnet stop : If you “on” the check box, job execution flow will be held/paused at this point. Normally you won’t need this to “on”. However, in a large and nested jobnet, this might help with some situation such as for “Don’t execute the following subsequent jobs until some another dependent job is finished”.

  • End code(JOB_EXIT_CD) : Normally each icon will have a 0 exit status by default. However if you want to change the exit status you can do. Such as for “If the previous job exit status was xxx then exit code of this jobnet must be 1”. Again this exit status can be checked by using Conditional Branch Icon a.k.a If Icon or Info Icon.