Reboot Icon


Reboot Icon


Whenever you want to reboot a server, this is the icon you should be interested in.


Reboot Setting


You can provide id and name.

  • Host name : Select the host you want to reboot.
  • Variable : Alternative to Host name, hostname will be resolved from this variable.

Processing mode

  • Force reboot : Force reboot the server(i.e kill all running jobs on host and then reboot).
  • Reboot after Completing Jobs : Wait until all running jobs are finished. This can be ignored by setting up Timeout.

  • Timeout : Only applicable for Reboot after Completing Jobs, force reboot the server after x seconds. Valid values is from 0 to 9999. If 0 is specified, it represents unlimited seconds.
  • Timeout warning(minute) : Produced a timeout message in respective log and reboot icon color will be changed to orange.

  • Force run : If this is “on” then it don’t care if the host is disabled in Zabbix. Just do reboot.